MT102 - Gear lever drive test tool
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Nowadays, many cars have dashboard, audio, gear lever, handbrake modules, etc., which are activated by CAN communication with the relevant modules in the car to bring the mainframe into the drive state, but sometimes when the car mechanic is servicing the mainframe, the mainframe is disconnected from the CANBUS network of the vehicle, thus making it impossible to switch on. This tool can simulate CAN communication to activate the secondary power supply and bring the main unit into drive, so that the main unit can be tested and verified. It also eliminates the need to purchase a large number of boot platforms and wiring harnesses for each vehicle model, saving a large amount of money for the automotive mechanic.

MT102 is the latest Land Rover gear lever BENCH way drive test tool developed by OBDSTAR, supporting many types of ECU versions, compact equipment, with special connectors, cheap, is a good helper for auto electronic maintenance technicians!

MT102 - Gear lever drive test tool

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