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The warranty is only applicable to users and distributors who purchase OBDSTAR products through normal procedures.


Within one year from the date of delivery, OBDSTAR electronic products due to material or process defects caused by warranty, due to abuse, unauthorized changes, for non-product design purposes, not in accordance with the provisions of the manual Operation, etc., resulting in damage to the device or components are not covered by this warranty.


Waiver statement

The above warranty can be substituted for any other form of warranty.

Customer Service Center

If you encounter any problems during the operation, please email to service@obdstar.com.


When the device needs repairment, please send it to OBDSTAR Technology Co., Ltd., together with the purchase invoice and problem description. If the device is within the scope of the warranty, OBDSTAR will provide free maintenance; if the device is not in the warranty, OBDSTAR will charge maintenance and return freight.

OBDSTAR Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 19th floor, Building T1, Hi Park, Luozu Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518108, P.R.China

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