Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!
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Many users already know that most of the tablet devices have been switched to a new operation system (3.0) .

OBDSTAR operating system (3.0 platform) is a new operating platform designed and developed by our company to improve the user's diagnostic efficiency. This platform is dedicated to matching the user's expectation of experience in terms of functionality, smoothness and convenience, and help users solve the maintenance and repair problems in a better way.

OBDSTAR Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!

OBDSTAR operating system (3.0 platform) focuses on the interaction effect, which redefines the concept of 'smoothness' and changes the previous perception that 'fast is smooth'. The multi-pronged approach of vision, speed and smooth perception bring you an extraordinary experience.

 OBDSTAR Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!

Operation Interface,  More Intuitive and Concise

The interface design of the new operating system (3.0 platform) is more intuitive and concise, and has been improved in terms of functional display, ease of use, and aesthetics.

 OBDSTAR Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!

Basic Functions, Faster

Auto scanning, menu search (brand, model, year, type) and other choices are more convenient, eliminating cumbersome menu levels, further simplifying the operating steps, and realizing same-screen operation, which greatly enhances work efficiency.

OBDSTAR Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!


Special Functions, Easier

Combination of graphics and text, function display and running work on the same screen, the same function of multiple steps in the same page to complete, so that the information is more comprehensive and easy to understand, reducing the operation steps to switch pages, greatly improving the user experience and work efficiency.

OBDSTAR Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!


Dedicated Components, Clearer

The main points are clearly separated and focused, and the operation guide and wiring diagrams are clear at a glance.

OBDSTAR Operation System 3.0 Newly Release!


Let's watch the below video to have a look!


With our customer-oriented values, and our mission to make maintenance and repair easier, we have been working hard to bring users a better experience. The performance and stability of our products is the direction we continue to work on, and we will continue to listen to your feedback and suggestions, continue to optimize our products and service.


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