Motorcycle/E-Moto Upgrade Announcement of July 2023
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
Motorcycle DiagARIICV31.011. Details Added
318 model diagnostics supported until 2023.
Motorcycle DiagALLOYV31.001. Details Added
Add Czech, Polish.

2. Details Optimized
Optimized funtional interface.
Motorcycle DiagHUSQVARNAV31.021. Details Added
Add Norden 901.

2. Highlights Added
Distance module of measurement,
Temp. module of measurement,
Pressure measurement module,
Volume module of measurement,
Fuel consumption measurement module,
Display language change,
Gear shift indicator level setting,
Time setting,
Date setting,
Display contrast,
Speed correction,
Set distance remaining until next scheduled maintenance,
Fuel tank type,
Dashboard configuration,
Cornering enabling/disabling,
Driver's seat heating enabling/disabling,
Passenger's seat heating enabling/disabling,
Heated grips enabling/disabling,
Electronic suspension enabling/disabling,
Quick shift enabling/disabling,
Gear shift indicator,
Tyre pressure sensor enabling/disabling,
Daytime running light,
Direction indicator light,
Turn signal,
Track pack,
Start control mode,
SCU configuration,
Driving mode configuration,
Immobilizer ECM synchronization,
VIN (chassis No.) writing.
Motorcycle DiagWOTTANV31.021. Details Added
Add GP2、Storm S models.
Motorcycle DiagKYMCOV31.031. Details Added
Add below models:
DINK 125
KRV 200
Maxxer 450
Mxu 300R
Mxu 450
Mxu 500 IRS
Mxu 700
Uxv 500
Uxv 700

Add  below systems:
ABS(Bosch 8M)
ABS(Bosch 10.1M)

2. Details Optimized
Optimize software.
Motorcycle DiagSYMV31.051. Details Added
Add below models of ENG systems:
Continental M3C SAA1-Euro 4

2. Details Optimized
Optimized software.
Motorcycle DiagBRPV31.101. Details Added
Add action tests for Engine Control Module(ECM) (Oil bleed circuit), Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) (Steering assembly test),
Windshield and Parking Module (WPM) (Windscreen sequence, Windscreen UP, Windscreen DOWN and Parking brake sequence).

2. Highlight Added
Added the special functions of Engine Control Module(ECM)(Vehicle Configuration, Throttle position sensor, Gear position sensor, etc.), instrumentation system(Fuel Sender, Speed Calibration, Cluster Language,etc.), IBR(IBR lock and unlock), IS(IS lock and unlock), Dynamic Positioning System(DPS) (Torque Ajustment) and Anti-Lock Braking System(VSS) (HBB Activation).
Motorcycle DiagDUCATIV31.601. Highlights Added
Upgrade and improve the special functions and Freeze Frames function of all Ducati models as follows:
Annual service warning light deactivation
Anti-theft enabling/disabling
APS reset closed position
BAS Tuning (throttle adjustment at idle)
Bat. volt. history display
Bat. volt. history reset
Bluetooth enabling/disabling
CO regulator
Cylinder MAP vacuum adjustment
D-Air enabling/disabling
DESMO service light reset
DRL Daytime Running Light enabling/disabling
Enable/disable DQS
EOL mode
Estimated inclination angle
Exhaust valve calibration
Exhaust valve system maintenance
Fog light enabling/disabling
Fuel level value reset
Gear storing reset
Heated grips enabling/disabling
Hypermotard/Hypermotard SP/Hyperstrada model Enabling/Disabling
Key matching
Key reset
Mass Air Flow (MAF) adjustment in the cylinders
MID code writing
Odometer writing (totalizer)
Reset gears
Reset history of the last 45 seconds
Reset self-adaptive A/F parameters
Storing keys
T module configuration
TPMS code writing
TPS reset closed position
Variation of the current date in the dashboard
Variation of the next annual service date
Version set in the BBS
Motorcycle Diag

1. Details Optimized
Motorcycle IMMO

1. Details Optimized

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