OBDSTAR APP Blockbuster Launch!
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To meet the mission 'Make maintenance & repair eaiser' , the maintenance technicians' portable database- 'OBDSTAR' APP, blockbuster launch!

OBDSTAR APP Blockbuster Launch!

“OBDSTAR”APP  is a portable database, specially make for maintenance technicians. It can take the eaiser, more efficient and  professional service to the customers. The APP combines technical support, data query, video view, after-sales consultation, problem feedback and other multi-functional in one, supporting passenger cars, motorcycle, marine and other comprehensive maintenance data query library, powerful, excellent experience, is a practical service platform for maintenance technicians to solve their problems.

New pages for a great experience

The interface is simple, with clear and concise panel functions, no superfluous elements or colours, and a clear separation of priorities to efficiently communicate important content to the user, with core functions at your fingertips.

OBDSTAR APP Blockbuster Launch!

Rich and powerful information

To meet the needs of different users, the APP covers IMMO, Motorcycles/E-Moto, Marine, Dash/Airbag/ECU and Test Platform technical support modules, with Pincode query, diagnostic interface, manual service lamp reset, parameter, interactive diagram, data flow help, ECU pin, tech bulletin, flash code query, accessories, video and other massive information and full after-sales support.

Technical support

The five technical support modules for IMMO, Motorcycles/E-Moto, Marine, Dash/Airbag/ECU and Test Platform are rich in information, full of work, professional and practical, and different users can quickly switch between modules according to their needs.

OBDSTAR APP Blockbuster Launch!


The News section allows access to monthly upgrade announcements, new product launches, company news and other information.

OBDSTAR APP Blockbuster Launch!


The Products section provides access to information on products and accessories such as IMMO, Motorcycle/E-Moto, Marine, Dash/Airbag/ECU, Oil/Service, test platform, etc.

OBDSTAR APP Blockbuster Launch!

Currently only support Android version, ISO version to be launched at the end of June,so stay tuned. 

Welcome to download for further experience, we look forward to receiving your valuable comments and further optimizing the platform to bring you a better experience.

More advanced functions are under expolding!