DC706 - TCM dedicated connector
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TCM-001 to TCM-006 Transmission dedicated cables, use for gearbox mileage repair and ECU cloning functions, no soldering, one click read/write, need to use with OBDSTAR Flat series products. The below are 6 types of them.

TCM-001:DQ200 0AM/0CW Transmission dedicated cable

TCM-002:DQ250 02E/0D9 Transmission dedicated cable

TCM-003:DL501 0B5 Transmission dedicated cable

TCM-004:DL382 Transmission dedicated cable

TCM-005:DQ380 Transmission dedicated cable

TCM-006:VL381 Transmission dedicated cable

TCM-MAIN:P004 dedicated extension cable, need to use with transmission dedicated cable, When the user performs mileage restoration or ECU cloning in the vehicle, the operator can operate the unit directly from the console via an extension cable.

NEW ARRIVAL - DC700 TCM dedicated connector

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