OBDSTAR Selected As "TOP 20" in The 18th Automotive Aftermarket "Top 20" Review
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The 18th Automotive Aftermarket 'Top 20' Review Committee 

Congratulatory Letter 

To OBDSTAR Technology Co., Ltd.: 

Please accept the most sincere congratulations from the 18th Automotive Aftermarket 'Top 20' Review Committee! 

In the 18th selection of the automotive aftermarket 'Top 20' hosted by 'Auto Repair and Maintenance' magazine, DC700 from OBDSTAR, it's a combination of DC706 and P50 in overseas, was rated as the 'Top 20' maintenance tool! The 'Top 20' review committee, composed of well-known domestic auto repair experts, equipment experts, supplies experts, vocational education experts, dealers and technical editors of magazines, agreed that this product meets 'innovation, practicality and efficiency' and can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of automobile repair and maintenance. 

OBDSTAR Selected As

Since the introduction of the mature experience and evaluation mechanism of the annual Top 20 of the American MOTOR magazine in 2004, the selection of the 'Top 20' in the Chinese automotive aftermarket, after years of empirical accumulation, has stood out from the dazzling variety of evaluation activities in the automotive aftermarket and has been successfully held for 18 sessions. The 'Top 20' selection is one of the professional selections with the highest attention, the most participating companies and the greatest influence in China's auto aftermarket, and has formed a strong brand effect! 

As the ancient Chinese poem goes: 'Although it takes thousands of painstaking filtration, you will finally scoop up the sediment to get the sparkling gold.' The 18th Automotive Aftermarket 'Top 20' Review Committee carefully screened and discussed, combined with readers' online voting results, and finally selected the annual 'Top 20' by secret ballot from more than 100 entries! The majority of industry insiders and readers of this journal have paid special attention to the results of this selection. 

Congratulations to OBDSTAR for winning the 'Top 20' award! The first issue of 'Auto Repair and Maintenance' magazine in 2023 will grandly launch the 'Top 20' special issue, which will report the 'Top 20' brands in detail to the industry insiders.