IMMO Upgrade Announcement of March 2021
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
IMMOALFAROMEOV32.601.Details Added:
Add manual select model_program keys_STELVIO_2019-_proximity key programming.

2.Details Optimized:

Optimized ALFAROMEO software.
IMMOBAICV30.721.Details Optimized:   
Optimized BAIC key programming.
IMMOCHERYV30.671.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHERY key programming.
IMMOCHRYSLERV33.271.Details Added:
Add IMMO replacement function;
Add 2021 RAM proximity programming (no need pin code);
Add 2011-2021 CARAVAN FOBIK programming (no need pin code);
Add H5 US low and high configuration.

2.Details Optimized: 
Optimized CHRYSLER key programming.
IMMODAEWOOV30.181.Details Optimized: 
Optimized DAEWOO key programming.
IMMODFFGV30.311.Details Added:
Add DFFG 500 proximity key system;

Add DFFG 500 IMMO system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized DFFG software.

IMMOHNMAZDAV30.671.Details Added: 
Add family_blade key_power on-IMMO and steelmate's car body system;
Add family_HUF-proximity system;
Add HAIMA E3_FUXIN DARE'S proximity system;

Add TENGDA M11_bladel key_TTE car body System.

2.Details Optimized:          

Optimized HNMAZDA software.

IMMOHONDAV31.461.Details Optimized:
Optimized HONDA software.
IMMOMAHINDRAV30.001.Details Added:
Add EDC17C55 type ECU flash programming;
Add EDC17C63 type ECU flash programming;
Add EDC16C39 type ECU flash programming.
IMMOMAXUSV30.431.Details Optimized:
Optimized MAXUS key programming.
IMMOMITSUBISHIV30.811.Details Optimized: 
Optimized MITSUBISHI key programming.

2.Details Added: 
Add help(MITSUBISHI anti-theft pincode).
IMMOSUZUKI/MARUTIV30.711.Details Optimized:
Optimized SUZUKI/MARUTI key programming.
IMMOTRUMPCHIV30.331.Details Optimized:  
Optimized TRUMPCHI key programming.

IMMO Upgrade Announcement of March 2021
Release time:
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