IMMO Upgrade Announcement of January 2021
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
IMMOBAICV30.711.Details Optimized:                                                     
Optimized BAIC key programming.
IMMOCHANGANV30.771.Details Added:                                                                             
Add CS55_proximity key programming. 

2.Details Optimized:       
Optimized CHANGAN key programming.
IMMOCHANGHEV30.361.Details Optimized:  
Optimized CHANGHE key programming.
IMMOCHERYV30.641.Details Added:                                                                                   Add a pin code for KWP.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHERY key programming.
IMMOCITROEN/PEUGEOTV32.431.Details Optimized:  
Optimized CITROEN/PEUGEOT software.
IMMOGEELYV30.731.Details Added:                                                                              
Add EMGRAND EPRO proximity key programming;
Add EMGRAND EPRO blade key programming.
IMMOGMV33.001.Details Added:                                                               
Add CHEVROLET CAVALIER, TRAX 2020 without proximity immo system.
IMMOGREATWALLV31.921.Details Optimized:      
Optimized GREATWALL software.
IMMOHONDAV31.441.Details Added:(Major Updates)                               
Add 2020 model ACCORD, CRIDER, INSPIRE, ENVIX knob key all key lost;
Add reading data function for knob key;                        
Add system selection_auto identify_knob key security algorithm;
Add prompt statement for adding knob key.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized HONDA software.
IMMOHYUNDAIV31.161.Details Added:                                                                               
Add 46 chip pin code decryption function;
Add 46 proximity key pin code decryption function.
IMMOLUFENGV31.361.Details Added:  
Add LUFENG E315 proximity key and blade key system.
IMMOMAXUSV30.401.Details Optimized: 
Optimized V80_remote control_2018-_set the maximum number of remote controls.
IMMONISSANV32.131.Details Added:                                                                              
Add 4-digit code_proximity key_auto identify_one-button_without card slot_type 2 (CAN);
Add 4-digit password_blade key_manual selection system_body system (direction lock).                                                                        

2.Details Optimized:                                                                     
Optimized NISSAN software.
IMMOPORSCHE V30.271.Details Added:                                                                                
Add help information of PORSCHE 911, 997, BOXTER, CAYMAN 46 pin code decryption function.
IMMORENAULTV31.031.Details added:
Add ZOE 46 chip decritption and key programming;
Add FLUENCE, LATITUDE, MEGANE, MEGANE SCENIC 2015-2016 46 chip decription and key programming.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized RENAULT key programming.
IMMOROEWEV31.811.Details Added:                                                                           
Add IMAX8 proximity key system;
Add CLEVER proximity key system;
Add ER6 proximity key system;
Add MG proximity key system;
Add MG5 proximity key system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized ROEWE key programming.
IMMOSOUEASTV30.331.Details Optimized:                                                                        
Optimized SOUEAST key programming.
IMMOSWMV30.081.Details Optimized:  
Optimized SWM key programming.
IMMOTRUMPCHIV30.321.Details Added: 
Add AION V_proximity key system.
IMMOVWV35.051.Details Optimized:    
Optimized VW software.
IMMOZOYTEV30.671.Details Optimized:                                                                          Optimized ZOYTE key programming.