Dash/Airbag Upgrade Announcement of August 2020
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
Dash/AirbagALFAV30.131.Details Added:
Add French and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagBENTLYV30.201.Details Added:
Add French and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagBENZV30.471.Details Added:
Add French and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagBMWV30.381.Details Added:
Add French and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagCITROEN/PEUGEOT/DSV32.121.Details Added:
Add the function of reading the dashboard version.

2.Details Optimized:                                       
Optimized CITROEN/PEUGEOT/DS software.
Dash/AirbagGEELYV30.951.Details Added:
Add GEELY BINYUE 2018 cluster calibration;
Add GEELY BOYUE 2018 cluster calibration;
Add French language and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagGMV31.051.Details Added:
Add CHEVROLET EXPRESS 2008- hour function;
Add CHEVROLET EXPRESS CUTAWAY 2008- hour function;
Add CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2006- hour function;
Add BUICK LUCERNE 2007- hour function;
Add GMC SAVANA 2008- hour function;
Add French and Vietnamese.

2.Details Optimized:                                       
Optimized GM software.
Dash/AirbagHUYNDAIV31.021.Details Added:
Add HYUNDAI VERNA MB91F061BS cluster calibration software;
Add French and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagLANDROVER/JAGUARV30.911.Details Added:
Add French and Vietnamese.
Dash/AirbagOPELV30.281.Details Added:
Add OPEL KARL 2016-.
Dash/AirbagSUZUKIV34.501.Details Optimized:                                       
Optimized GM software.
Dash/AirbagVOLVOV31.101.Details Added:
Add S60 2013-;
Add S60 2015-;
Add XC60 2013-;
Add XC60 2015-;
Add V60 2013-;
Add V60 2015-;
Add S80 2014-;
Add V40 2013-;
Add V40 2015-;
Add V70 2012-;
Add V70 2014-;
Add French and Vietnamese.