IMMO Upgrade Announcement of April 2020
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
IMMOBAICV30.601.Details Optimized:
Optimized BAIC software.
IMMOBAOJUNV30.441.Details Added:
Add New RC-6 CROSS proximity key system;
Add New RC-6 CROSS IMMO system;
Add New RM-5 IMMO system;
Add New RS-3 proximity key system;
Add New RS-3 IMMO system;
Add New RS-5 proximity key system;
Add New RS-5 IMMO system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized BAOJUN software.
IMMOBESTURNV30.451.Details Added:
Add T33 proximity key system;
Add B50 proximity key system;
Add B50_2015- IMMO system.
IMMOBMWV30.361.Details Added:
Add CAS3 writing start and CAS1/CAS2/CAS3 unlock key function;
Add the tailgate open function;
Add 3series N46B20E engine ISN reading.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized BMW software.
IMMOCHANGANV30.701.Details Added:
Add CS75 PLUS proximity key system;
Add CS55 PLUS proximity key system;
Add CS75 (one million version) remote system;
Add CS85 COUPE proximity key system;
Add new CS95 proximity key system;
Add S202(UNI) proximity key system;
Add KAICHENG remote system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHANGAN software.
IMMOCHANGHEV30.331.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHANGHE software.
IMMOCHRYSLERV33.021.Details Added:
Add CHRYSLER 300C IMMO system type 2;

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHRYSLER software.
IMMODONGFENG FENGXINGV30.341.Details Optimized:
Optimized DONGFENG FENGXING software.
IMMOFORDV34.011.Details Added:
Add 2020 MUSTANG proximity (USA);
Add COUGAR 1999-2002 blade;
Add CRAND MARQUIS 2005-2011/2003-2004/1998-2002 blade;
Add MARAUDER 2003-2005 blade;
Add MARINER 2008-2012/2005-2007 blade;
Add MILAN 2010-/2006-2009 blade;
Add MONTEGO 2007/2005-2007 blade;
Add MONTEREY 2006-2007/2004-2007 blade;
Add MOUNTAINEER 2010/2006-2009/2004-2005/2001-2003/1998-2001 blade;
Add MYSTIQUE 1998-2000/1996-1998 blade;
Add SABLE 2008-2009/2004-2007/2000-2003/1998-1999/1996-1997 blade.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized FORD software.
IMMOGEELY/SMA/ENGLONV30.621.Details Optimized:
Optimized GEELY/SMA/ENGLON software.
IMMOGM V32.031.Details Added:
Add CADILLAC XTS 2017- type 2 menu.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized GM software.
IMMOGREATWALL V31.731.Details Added:
Add H2S proximity key system programming (no need pincode);
Add GREATWALL  power proximity key system
IMMOHYUNDAIV30.831.Details Optimized:
Optimized HYUNDAI software.
IMMOJACV30.621.Details Added:
Add IEV7S/IEV7T/IEV6ES proximity key system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized JAC software.
IMMOJAGUARV30.301.Details Optimized:
Optimized JAGUAR software.
IMMOJMCV30.221.Details Added:
Add KAIRUI N800 HP remote system.
IMMOLANDROVER V31.121.Details Optimized:
Optimized LANDROVER software.
IMMOLEOPAARD V30.341.Details Optimized:
Optimized LEOPAARD software.
IMMOMAXUSV30.311.Details Added:
Add D60 BCM;
Add D60 proximity key system;
Add EV30 BCM;
Add EG50 BCM;
Add Extender BCM;
Add EG50 proximity key system;
Add Extender proximity key system;
Add G20 BCM;
Add G20 proximity key system;
Add V90 BCM;
Add V90 proximity key system.
IMMOMAZDAV30.671.Details Optimized:
Optimized MAZDA software.
IMMOMITSUBISHI V30.591.Details Optimized:
Optimized MITSUBISHI  software.
Add PEUGEOT 308 IMMO system type 1and type 2;
Add PEUGEOT 3008 proximity key system;
Add PEUGEOT 408 T7/T9 IMMO system;
Add CITROEN BERLINGO IMMO system type 2;
Add CITROEN C3-XR proximity key system (Asia)
Add CITROEN C4L IMMO system;
Add CITROEN C6 proximity key system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized PEUGEOT/CITROEN/DS software.
IMMORENAULTV30.881.Details Optimized:
Optimized RENAULT software.
IMMOROEWE/MGV31.691.Details Optimized:
Optimized ROEWE/MG software.
IMMOSOUEASTV30.281.Details Optimized:
Optimized SOUEAST software.
IMMOSSANGYONGV30.301.Details Optimized:
Optimized SSANGYONG software.
IMMOSUZUKIV30.631.Details Optimized:
Optimized SUZUKI software.
IMMOVWV34.411.Details Optimized:
Optimized VW software.