IMMO Upgrade Announcement of June 2020
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
IMMOBENZV10.001.Details Added:
Add new IMMO data(help info) for BENZ software.
IMMOBMWV30.371.Details Added:
Add CAS1/CAS2 IMMO data( help info);
Add CAS3 IMMO data( help info);
Add German.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized BMW software.
IMMOCHERYV30.451.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHERY software.
Add GRAND VOYAGER 2018,2019 proximity key programming (pincode free);
Add tips for JEEP RENEGADE 2015-2017(Beta).

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP software.
IMMODACIAV10.001.Details Added:
Add IMMO data( help info). 
IMMODAFV30.001.Details Added:
Add CF, LF, XF 2006- blade.
IMMOFIAT/ALFAROMEOV32.461.Details Added:
Add ALFAROMEO 159(1K79X ID46 eeprom);
Add tips for DELPHI 70F3556(MQB/Megamos AES).
IMMOFORDV34.071.Details Added:
Add 2020 ESCAPE proximity key new type.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized FORD software.
IMMOGMV32.121.Details Added:
Add GL8_with proximity_ 2019- (after 2019);
Add CHEVROLET LOVA and SPARK under African area;
Add CADILLAC Europe_BLS_proximity key system;
Add American XT4, XT5 and XT6 proximity key system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized GM software.
IMMOGREATWALLV31.771.Details Added:
Add GREATWALL H6-COUPE 2017- proximity key system;
Add GREATWALL CH041E body control system;
Add HAVAL M1 STEC IMMO system;
Add HAVAL M2 DIAS IMMO system;
Add HAVAL M4 STEC IMMO system;
Add WINGLE7 Delphi Diesel(Delphi 4D20) IMMO system.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized GREATWALL software.
IMMOHODAN/ACURAV31.321.Details Added:
Add German and other languages.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized HODAN/ACURA software.
IMMOHYUNDAIV31.021.Details Added:
Add ACCENT 2018-2019 proximity;
Add ALSAN(AG) 2015-2018 proximity;
Add AVANTE 2009-2019 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add AVANTE COUPE(JK) 2013-2016 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add AVANTE HEV(HD HEV) 2010-2014 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add AVANTE HYBRID(HD HEV) 2010-2014 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add AZERA 2012-2017 blade ,remote;
Add BLUE ONE(EAEV) 2011 remote;
Add ELANTRA 2019- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add ELANTRA GT(PD) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add ELANTRA HYBRID(HD HEV) 2010-2014 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add ENTOURAGE(EP) 2007-2010 blade ,remote;
Add EQ900(HI) 2016-2018 proximity;
Add G70(IK) 2019- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add G90(HI) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add GENESIS COUPE 2010- proximity;
Add GRAND STAREX(TQ) 2008-2019 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add GRANDEUR HEV(HG HEV) 2014-2016 proximity;
Add GRANDEUR HYBRID 2014-2019 proximity;
Add GRANDEUR(IG) 2017-2019 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add GRANDEUR(TG) 2005-2011 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add I30 2017-2018 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add I40(VF) 2016-2019 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add IONIQ ELECTRIC(AE EV) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add IONIQ HYBRID(AE HEV) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add IONIQ PHEV(AE PHEV) 2017-2018 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add IONIQ PLUG-IN HYBRID(AE PHEV) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add IONIQ PLUG-IN(AE PHEV) 2017-2019 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add KONA ELECTRIC(OS EV) 2019- proximity;
Add KONA(OS) 2019- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add LAVITA(FC) 2001-2007 blade ,remote;
Add LIBERO(SR) 2006-2009 blade ,remote;
Add MAXCRUZ(NC) 2014-2019 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add NEXO(FE) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add PALISADE(LX2) 2018- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add POTER2(HR) 2004-2019  blade;
Add SANTAFE 2019- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add SANTAFE SPORT 2017-2018 remote;
Add SOLATI(EU) 2015-2018 blade;
Add SONATA 2020- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add SONATA 2015-2019 remote TYPE2;
Add SONATA HEV(LF HEV) 2016-2019 proximity;
Add SONATA HYBRID 2011-2015 blade ,remote;
Add SONATA PHEV(LF PHEV) 2016-2017 proximity;
Add SONATA PLUG-IN HYBRID(LF PHEV) 2016-2019 proximity;
Add SONATA PLUG-IN(LF PHEV) 2016-2019 proximity;
Add TUCSON FCEV(LM FCEV) 2015-2017 proximity;
Add TUCSON FUEL CELL(LM FCEV) 2015-2017 proximity;
Add TUCSON IX FUEL CELL(LM FCEV) 2015-2017 proximity;
Add TUCSON IX(LM) 2004-2015 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add TUSCANI(GK) 2001-2009 remote ,proximity;
Add VELOSTER 2019- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add VELOSTER N(JSN) 2019- proximity;
Add VENUE(QX) 2020- blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add VERACRUZ(EN) 2013-2016 blade ,remote ,proximity;
Add VERNA HEV(MC HEV) 2005-2009 blade ,remote;
Add VERNA HYBRID(MC HEV) 2005-2009 blade ,remote;
Add KOREA_CRETA BRAZIL 2017-2020 blade, remote, proximity.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized HYUNDAI software.
IMMOJACV30.461.Details Optimized:
Optimized JAC software.
IMMOJAGUARV30.321.Details Added:
Add German;
Add help data for “make start keys”(smart key after 2015) function;
Add Immo data for X-TYPE V10.01 (documents).

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized JAGUAR software.
IMMOJMCV30.231.Details Added:
Add YU SHENG S330 HUI CHUANG Immo system;
Add pickup_BAODIAN_remote_manual method;
Add Light Truck_N806_TUNGTHIH BCM;
Add German.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized JMC software.
IMMOKIAV31.011.Details Added:
Add K5(DL3A) blade,remote,proximity;
Add OPTIMA(JFA) 2019- blade,remote,proximity;
Add TELLURIDE(ON) 2018- blade,remote,proximity;
Add FORTE(BD) 2020- blade,remote,proximity;
Add K9(RJ) 2019- blade,remote,proximity;
Add NIRO(DE EV) 2019- blade,remote,proximity;
Add NIRO(DE HEV) 2019- blade,remote,proximity;
Add NIRO(DE PHEV) 2017-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add SELTOS(SP2) 2020- blade,remote,proximity;
Add SOUL EV(SK3 EV) 2019- blade,remote,proximity;
Add SOUL(SK3) 2020- blade,remote,proximity;
Add STINGER(CK) 2018- blade,remote,proximity;
Add FORTE(BDM) 2019- blade,remote,proximity;
Add BONGO3(PU11) 2004-2016 blade,remote;
Add BONGO3-COACH(PU21) 2004-2007 blade,remote;
Add BONGO3-TRUCK(PU11) 2008-2018 blade,remote;
Add BONGO3-TRUCK(PU11) 2004-2007 blade,remote;
Add CARENS(RP) 2017-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add CARNIVAL(YP) 2015-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add CARENS2/EXTRA(RS) 2002-2006 blade,remote;
Add CARENS2/X-TREK(RS) 2002-2006 blade,remote;
Add FORTE HEV(TD HEV) 2010-2013  blade,remote,proximity;
Add FORTE HEV(TF HEV) 2010-2013 blade,remote,proximity;
Add K3(BD) 2018-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add K5 PHEV(JF PHEV) 2016-2019 proximity;
Add MOHAVE(HM) 2017-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add MORNING(JA) 2017-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add PRIDE 2005-2019 blade,remote,proximity;
Add GRAND CARNIVAL 2015- blade type 2.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized KIA software.
IMMOLANDROVERV31.141.Details Added:
Add German.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized LANDROVER software.
IMMOMAZDAV30.691.Details Optimized:
Optimized MAZDA software.
IMMONISSANV32.001.Details Added:
Add German;
Add NISSAN JUKE Europe 2010- proximity key system;
Add 20 digital pincode_proximity_manual select system_type 5.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized NISSAN software.
IMMOOPELV30.461.Details Added:
Add German.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized OPEL software.
IMMOPEUGEOTV32.341.Details Added:
Add German;
Add help info (doc.).

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized PEUGEOT software.
IMMORENAULTV10.121.Details Added:
Add IMMO data( help info).

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized RENAULT software.
IMMOSGMWV30.461.Details Optimized:
Optimized SGMW software.
IMMOSSANGYONGV30.311.Details Added:
Add German.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized SSANGYONG software.
IMMOSUZUKIV30.641.Details Added:
Add German.
IMMOTOYOTAV32.231.Details Added:
Add German and other languages;
Add the menu of proximity key system_type 2(crown of 2012)_clear proximity key.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized TOYOTA software.
IMMOVOLVOV30.101.Details Added:
Add Vietnamese, Hebrew and German.
IMMOVW/AUDI/SKODA/SEATV34.481.Details Added:
Add new RFID software.

IMMO Upgrade Announcement of June 2020
Release time:
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