OBDSTAR 2020 New Year Party
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Exists between the heaven and the earth, time looks like a white horse crossing the gap suddenly. Running on the road of struggle, everyday always passes quickly. In the blink of an eye, 2019 is about to wave goodbye, and 2020 is coming with new vitality. At this wonderful moment of getting together, the annual OBDSTAR New Year Party also arrived on time.

At 7 pm on January 11, 2020, all OBDSTAR staff arrived at the venue one after another and took their seats. The OBDSTAR New Year Party with the theme of 'New Start, New Journey' slowly kicked off. In the enthusiastic opening speeches of the two hosts on the stage, the atmosphere at the scene was extremely warm and cheerful. 

OBDSTAR 2020 New Year Party

First of all, OBDSTAR General Manager Kevin Wang gave a speech to the party. In the speech, he extended the sincere New Year greetings and blessings to all OBDSTAR people. Then, he made a brief and concise summary of the company's growth and development in 2019, and put forward new ideas and new goals for the direction in 2020, laying the foundation for the work of the new year.

OBDSTAR 2020 New Year Party

Time is the greatest writer, and faithfully records the steps of progressives. In the past 2019, OBDSTAR emerged a group of people who have worked hardly and made excellent contribution. At the party, General Manager Kevin Wang and department executives awarded them the ‘the best newcomer award’, ‘the best progress award’, ‘warm service award’, ‘efficient output award’, ‘annual hard workers’, ‘outstanding employee award’. This hard-earned honor encouraged all OBDSTAR people who were present at the venue to move forward with determination and confidence in their journey in 2020.




At this relaxed moment of gathering together, a variety of exciting performance, including singing, dancing, sketches, etc., fully demonstrated the versatile side of OBDSTAR people. From dynamic dance, humorous and witty sketches, to lively chorus; from the 'penguin dance' of a team to the 'forgetful village' in the ancient times, the performances of the OBDSTAR people attracted everyone ’s attention and the continuous laughter and applause made the atmosphere lively and extraordinary. 




Everyone is looking forward to the good luck in the beginning of New Year 2020. Therefore, OBDSTAR specially arranged a random lottery and prepared generous prizes, including the first prize, second prize, third prize, fourth prize, fifth prize and other bonuses for all OBDSTAR people, which pushed the atmosphere of the party to a wave of climaxes, and everyone presented was perfectly satisfied. 




During the singing and dancing, OBDSTAR people gathered together to share the great joy of New Year. We write down our wishes today, listen to the whistle of progress and head for the challenging tomorrow with OBDSTAR. On the sunny road in 2020, we hope that we can work together to ride the wind and waves, continue to make new magic, and create a better future!