DP PAD3 honoured as "Top 20" maintenance tool!
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  On 20 March 2024, the Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR China) was held at National Convention Exhibition Centre (Tianjin). OBDSTAR presented DP PAD3 (Overseas version is KEYMASTER G3) intelligent programming tool and other products at Booth S15F25, which attracted many industry partners from all over the country to visit and consult.

Crowned with Glory, Witness Strength

  During the same period of AMR China, OBDSTAR was invited to participate in the 19th Automotive Aftermarket "Top 20" Award Ceremony and Top20 20th Anniversary Honour Ceremony hosted by Automotive Repair & Maintenance Magazine on the evening of March 20th. At the award ceremony, OBDSTAR DP PAD3 intelligent programming tool was honoured the "Top 20" maintenance tool award! 

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  The selection of "Top 20" maintenance tools is made by experts of the jury following the selection principle of "innovation, practicality and efficiency", combining the opinions of off-site jury members and the results of online voting, and selecting the annual "Top 20" by secret ballot. The OBDSTAR DP PAD3 intelligent programming tool was selected as one of the "Top 20" maintenance tools among more than one hundred participating products after a rigorous screening process!

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  Automotive aftermarket "Top 20" selection is "Auto Repair and Maintenance" magazine in 2004 from the United States "MOTOR" magazine introduced, after 20 years, the automotive aftermarket "Top 20" selection has become one of China's automotive aftermarket selection activities of the highest concern, the most participating companies, the most influential professional selection, and formed a brand effect! 

The DP PAD3 was awarded the

  This honour is not only thanks to the organisers' hard work in preparation, but also to the expert judges and users for their continuous recognition. DP PAD3 is a new generation of OBDSTAR intelligent programming tool, which fully inherits the many advantages of OBDSTAR in automobile/commercial vehicle technology, such as wide coverage of car models and various functions, and comprehensively increases the programming functions of E-car, motorcycle, marine (jet-ski), etc. A good helper for automotive locksmith master.  The DP PAD3 is highly rated for its technological innovations and highlights. The device adopts the 3.0 platform for extreme speed and smoothness, which not only improves the work efficiency for maintenance technicians, but also has more practical functions for you to unlock.

DP PAD3 honoured as

  This award is not only an affirmation of our product development capability, but also the best feedback to our company's persistence in innovation and pursuit of excellence over the years, and it is also a strong impetus for our future development. In the future, OBDSTAR will not forget the original intention, adhere to the customer-oriented, in-depth insight into the core needs of customers, to provide customers with competitive products, services or solutions, for the progress and development of the industry to contribute more.The DP PAD3 was awarded the

Popular and exciting

  On the first day of the exhibition, OBDSTAR's booth attracted the attention of many exhibitors and customers, and was crowded with people who came to consult the award-winning DP PAD3 "Top 20" maintenance tools received widespread attention and praise.

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Professional services, sincere communication

  OBDSTAR team with a professional, enthusiastic attitude to receive every visitor to the exhibition, a detailed explanation of the product features and solutions, and sincere exchanges with customers, the atmosphere was electric and the crowd was overwhelmed.The DP PAD3 was awarded the

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The DP PAD3 was awarded the