IMMO Upgrade Announcement of March 2020
Release time:

Land Rover

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew


Increased XF 2012 smart key system

Increased Italian, Vietnamese and Hebrew

Increased 2015- smart key writing start function

Optimized the menu

Optimized Jaguar F-TYPE 2015 procedure

Optimized XF 2013- smart key system

Optimized XF 2008-2012 smart key system

Optimized XJ 2013 smart key system

Optimized X-TYPE 2004- IMMO system

Optimized S-TYPE 2005- IMMO system

Optimized XK 2006-2014 smart key system and remote system


Increased MG HS new energy smart key system 

Increased MG eMG6 smart key system

Increased MG EZS (electric) smart key system

Increased Roewe Marvel X IMMO system

Increased Roewe RX5 MAX IMMO system

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew

Updated French and Spanish 

Optimized Roewe RX3 IMMO system key programming

Dongfeng Fengshen

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew

Updated French and Spanish

Optimized the menu

Optimized AX7 smart key system

Optimized AX3(DFM A15 MT22.1) BCM and remote programming

Dongfeng Fengguang

 Increased 580HEV BCM

 Increased 580PHEV BCM

 Increased 580PRO BCM

 Increased Ruichi E3 BCM

 Increased IX7 smart key system


Optimized ASX /ATTRAGE/L200 2015- and 2007-2009/MIRAGE 2016- IMMO system remote programming


FAW Jiefang

Updated French and Spanish

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew


Updated French and Spanish

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew


Removed 46 chip Pincode reading

Increased Genesis G80 2017-2019 smart key system

Increased Genesis G90 2017-2019 smart key system

Increased Coupe remote programming type 5


Increased Ascent/Crosstrek/Forester/Impreza remote programming (Canada Area)

Increased Ascent 2019 IMMO system

Increased Crosstrek 2018-2019 IMMO system

Increased Forester 2019- IMMO system

Increased Impreza 2017-2019 IMMO system

Increased Legacy 2015-2019 IMMO system

Increased Outback 2015-2019 IMMO system


Increased Vietnamese, Hebrew and Italian


Optimized ID Code reading

Optimized Pincode calculation


Optimized Binyue smart key system

Optimized Emgrand EC7_ smart key system

Optimized Vision X3_ smart key system

Optimized Vision X3_ smart key system

Optimized Vision X3_ smart key system key programming

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew

Updated French and Spanish

Optimized Emgrand X3 IMMO system key programming

Optimized Vision X3 smart key system 2019 key programming


Optimized U6 smart key system

Increased new L7 MPV(EV) smart key system


Africa Area:

Increased TREZIA 2010-2015 smart key system

Increased OUTBACK 1998-2004 IMMO system

Increased FORESTER 1998-2002 IMMO system      

Australia Area:

Increased BRZ 2013- IMMO system and smart key system

Increased FORESTER 2013- smart key system

Increased IMPREZA 2013-/2007-2014 smart key system

Increased LEVORG 2016- smart key system

Increased LIBERTY 2013-/2007-2014 smart key system

Increased OUTBACK 2015-2017 IMMO system

Increased OUTBACK 2015-2017 smart key system

Increased WRX 2014- IMMO system and smart key system

Increased XV 2017- smart key system

Europe Area:

Increased FORESTER 2008-2012 smart key system

Great Wall

Optimized F5 smart key system

Optimized Haval H2S smart key system

Optimized Haval 6 2013-2018 smart key system KSTAR PEPS system (with button) key programming


Optimized CAS4 menu


Optimized the language


Increased Australia Focus 2009-2011 Proximity all keys lost programming

Increased Europe Focus 2009-2011 Proximity all keys lost programming

Increased Europe Kuga 2007-2012 Proximity all keys lost programming

Increased S.America Kuga 2009-2013 Proximity all keys lost programming

Optimized F150 menu

Optimized Ranger 2016 key programming

Optimized Transit 2013 key programming

Optimized Transit Connect USA blade 2010-2013 PATS 5

Optimized EcoSport 2013 smart key

Optimized Kuga smart key programming

Increased EcoSport -2017 IMMO system type 1 (Europe area)

Increased Mondeo key programming clear Immo code



Increased PICANTO 2012-/2004-2011 blade

Increased PICANTO 2012- remote

Increased RIO 2005-2011 blade

Increased SPORTAGE 2006-2010 blade/remote


Increased CERATO 2013-2018 blade/remote

Increased GRAND CARNIVAL 2005-2014 blade/remote

Increased OPTIMA 2016-/2015-2016 blade

Increased OPTIMA 2016- proximity

Increased PICANTO 2016- blade/remote

Increased PRO CEE'D 2013-2015 blade/remote

Increased RONDO 2014-/2013-2014/2008-2013 blade

Increased RONDO 2014-/2013-2014/2008-2013 remote

Increased SORENTO 2015-2019 blade/remote/proximity

Increased SORENTO 2010-2015 blade/remote

Increased SOUL 2010-2014/2009-2010 blade

Increased SPORTAGE 2016-2019/2010-2016/2008-2010 blade

Increased SPORTAGE 2005-2019 remote

Increased SPORTAGE 2016-2019 proximity


Increased CADENZA 2012-2017 proximity

Increased CARENS 2013-2018/2006-2012 blade

Increased CARENS 2006-2018 remote

Increased FORTE 2013-2018/2009-2012 blade

Increased FORTE 2009-2018 remote

Increased FORTE 2014-2018 proximity

Increased K9 2015-2018 proximity

Increased NIRO 2017-2019 blade/remote/proximity

Increased PICANTO 2016-/2012-2016 blade

Increased PICANTO 2016- remote

Increased PRIDE 1990-2004 blade

Increased PRO CEE'D 2008- blade/remote

Increased RONDO 2014-2019/2006-2013 blade

Increased SEDONA 2009-2014/2006-2009 blade

Increased SEDONA 2006-2009 remote

Increased SEPHIA 1995-2000 blade

Increased SPORTAGE 2017-2019 blade/remote/proximity

Increased SOUL 2013-2019 proximity

Increased STONIC 2018-2019 proximity

Middle East:

Increased AMANTI 2007- blade

Increased OPTIMA 2010- blade/remote/proximity

Increased SPORTAGE 2010-2016 blade/remote

South America:

Increased SORENTO 2014-/2011-2014 blade

Increased SORENTO 2014-/2011-2014 remote

Increased SORENTO 2011- proximity

North America:

Increased FORTE FW 2010-2015 proximity

Increased NIRO 2017-2019 proximity

Increased RIO 2018 blade/remote/proximity

Increased RONDO 2014-2019 blade

Increased SEDONA 2015-2019 proximity type 1

Increased SPORTAGE 2017-2019 blade

Increased SPORTAGE 2018-2019 remote

Increased SPORTAGE 2017-2020 proximity

Increased SORENTO 2016-2019 blade/proximity

Increased SOUL 2014-2019 blade type 2

Increased SOUL 2018-2019 remote

Increased Forte 2018- remote system

Increased Ria 2019- remote system

Increased Sportage 2018-2020 remote system

Increased Sorento 2019-2020 remote system

Optimized Picanto 2014 programming procedure

Optimized 46 smart card Pincode reading

Optimized K2 2011 key programming

Optimized K5 2016 smart key programming

Optimized Sportage 2010 blade key programming

Optimized smart key system type 1/2/3/5 key programming procedure

Optimized the menu

Optimized IMMO system type 3 and type 4

Optimized smart key system type 1/2/3/5 key programming procedure

Increased remote system type 6

Increased (46 smart card) OBD Pincode reading



Increased Accent 2012-2016 blade/remote

Increased Getz 2003-2006 blade

Increased I20 2012-2014 blade/remote

Increased Tucson 2015-2018 proximity


Increased Accent 2015-/2011-2015 proximity

Increased Genesis 2013-2019 proximity

Increased Grandeur blade type 2

Increased Grandeur 2020-/2014-2017 proximity

Increased I40 2011-2015 blade

Increased I40 2012-2015/2011-2012 remote

Increased I40 2015-2018/2012-2015 proximity

Increased Iload 2018-/2008-2017 blade

Increased Iload 2008- remote

Increased IMAX 2018-2019/2008-2017 blade

Increased IMAX 2008- remote

Increased IX45 2010-2012 proximity

Increased Kona 2017- blade

Increased Santafe 2007- remote

Increased Santafe 2012-2018/2010-2012 proximity

Increased Sonata 2015-/2010-2015 remote

Increased Sonata 2014- proximity

Increased Tucson 2016-2019/2010-2016 blade

Increased Tucson 2016-2019/2010-2016 remote

Increased Tucson 2015-2018 proximity

Increased Veloster 2012-2017/2011-2012 blade

Increased Veloster 2011- remote


Increased Creta 2014-2017 blade/remote

Increased Creta 2017- proximity

Increased Elantra 2017-2018/2012-2016 blade

Increased Elantra 2017-2018 proximity

Increased H100 blade

Increased H200 2007- blade/remote

Increased I55 2007- blade

Increased Ioniq 2017-2018 blade/remote/proximity

Increased Santafe 2014-2018 blade/remote/proximity

Increased Solaris 2017-2018 blade/remote

Increased Starex 2007- blade/remote

Increased Tucson 2019/2010-2018 blade

Increased Tucson 2019/2010-2018 remote

Increased Tucson 2014-2018 proximity

Increased Veloster 2015-2018 proximity

Middle East:

Increased Accent 2003-2005 blade

Increased Tucson 2009- blade

North America:

Increased Accent 2016-2019 blade

Increased Accent 2016-2017 remote

Increased Elantra 2017-2020blade/remote

Increased Elantra Sedan 2014-2019/2011-2013 proximity

Increased Genesis Coupe 2010- blade/remote

Increased Ioniq 2017-2018 blade/proximity

Increased Kona 2018-2019 blade/remote

Increased Kona 2017-2019 proximity

Increased Sonata Hybrid 2014-2015 proximity

Increased Tucson 2016-2019 blade/remote

Increased Veloster 2019-2019 proximity

Increased Accent 2019-2020 remote system (North America)

Increased Elantra 2018- remote system (North America)

Increased Sonata 2017- remote system (North America)

South America:

Increased Genesis 2009-2013 proximity

Increased Santafe 2007-2012 blade

Increased Santafe 2010-2013 proximity

Increased 46 smart card Pincode reading

Optimized the menu

Optimized I40 2014 key programming

Optimized Sonata 2015 smart key programming

Optimized 46 smart card Pincode reading

Optimized smart key system type 1/2/3/4/5/6 key programming procedure

Optimized IMMO system type 8/9 key programming procedure

Optimized 2006 Hyundai Coupe remote programming


Increased BOSCH RH850+24C32 BCM Pincode reading

Increased USA-Canada area Cadillac ELDORADO 1998-2002 IMMO system

Increased USA-Canada area GMC ENVOY 2008-2012 IMMO system

Increased Canada area Chevrolet ENVOY 2008-2012 IMMO system

Increased Africa area Chevrolet UTILITY 2015- IMMO system

Increased BRAZIL area Chevrolet:

Increased BLAZER 2007-2011 IMMO system

Increased CELTA 2001-2011 IMMO system

Increased CORSA B 2003-2010 IMMO system

Increased ONIX 2013-2016 IMMO system

Increased PRISMA 2007-2016 IMMO system

Increased S10 2007-2011 IMMO system

Increased S.AMERICA area Chevrolet

Increased AGILE 2009- IMMO system

Increased ASTRA G 2001-2008 IMMO system

Increased ASTRA H 2003-2008 IMMO system

Increased C2 1996- IMMO system

Increased VECTAR 2006-2010 IMMO system

Increased ZAFIRA 2005-2008 IMMO system

Increased SAAB 9-5/9-3 IMMO system

Optimized the menu

Optimized USA-Canada area IMMO system key programming procedure

Optimized Cadillac SRX 2014- (with smart) all keys lost programming

Optimized Cadillac XTS 2017- (with smart) key programming procedure


Increased S80 IMMO system

Increased the right side control vehicle IMMO system

Alfa Romeo

Optimized the menu

Optimized P001 program

Increased Giulia Pincode reading

Increased Stelvio Pincode reading

Optimized ALFA GUILIA IMMO programming (No Need Pincode)


Increased XL6 blade/proximity

Increased S-Presso blade/proximity

Increased Swift blade Type3

Increased Dzire blade Type3

Increased special function 51 series old BCM programming


Updated French and Spanish

Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew

Increased CS9EV smart key system

Increased CS9EV350 smart key system

Optimized CS10 CAN system after-sales key programming


Optimized Shenbao D50 smart key


Optimized Tiggo 8 smart key system


Optimized Honor S BCM


Optimized Outlander Sport 2016- smart key system programming procedure


Increased A6 smart key system

Increased new Beidouxing BCMOptimized Q7 smart key system

Optimized Liana IMMO system and TTE IMMO system


Optimized Jeep Cherokee 2019 algorithm


Increased Vietnamese and Hebrew

Updated French and Spanish

Increased Yun 100PLUS smart key system

Increased Z500EV smart key system

Increased Z500EVremote system

Increased SR7EV remote system

Increased G60 smart key system

Increased G60 remote system

Increased G60S smart key system

Increased G60S remote system

Increased G60E smart key system

Increased G60E remote system

Increased E20 smart key system

Increased E20remote system

Increased T800 smart key system

Optimized SR7 smart key system

Optimized T600 smart key system


Increased Duster 2018- Beta

Optimized Kadjar Pincode reading

Optimized Duster 2014-2018 Pincode verification


Optimized 2018 Kicks blade key programming

Optimized 2014 Sylphy key programming

Optimized 4-digit  BCM Pincode reading

Optimized 4-digit Pincode IMMO system type 2 key programming procedure


Increased A5 BCM

Increased V3 Lingyue IMMO system

Increased Galant IMMO system

Increased Lingshen IMMO system

Increased Lingshi V5 smart key system

Increased Lingshi V6 smart key system

Increased DX7 2018- smart key system

Optimized DX3 smart key system


Increased 4th remote programming

Optimized 48 chip reading and writing

Optimized 8E chip reading and writing

Optimized MQB key reading and writing


Optimized T60 BCM

Optimized V80 BCM


Increased T7 PLUS remote system


Optimized M3 remote system

Optimized S7 HUF smart key system


Optimized 2014 Korando remote programming


Increased Spica BCM

Increased Spica smart key system

Increased Spica IMMO system

Increased T80 smart key system


Updated French and Spanish

Increased Italian and Vietnamese