IMMO Upgrade Announcement of April 2020
Release time:


Optimized UDS smart key learning function

Optimized MQB 35XX dashboard IMMO function

Optimized the menu (mainly for 2-3.5 generation)

Optimized 2015 Jetta/Polo remote programming

Optimized Lavida 3.5 generation key programming

Optimized 2-3.5 generation 46 Central module

Optimized MQB key learning procedure

Optimized 48/8E/MQB chip reading and writing

Optimized 48 chip reading and writing 

Optimized ordinary Santana Pincode reading


Increased Chrysler 300C IMMO system type 2

Optimized Dodge USA-Canada Dart proximity

Increased Jeep Grand-Cherokee IMMO system type 2

Optimized Jeep Compass 2017- smart key system operation tips


Optimized A5 remote system


Increased KaiRui N800 HP remote system


Optimized Geely Vision X3 smart key system

Optimized Boyue smart key system clear key function

Optimized 2019 Geely Vision X3 smart key system

Great Wall         

Increased H2S smart key system programming (No Need Pincode)

Increased Great Wall Power smart key system


Optimized Hyosow S3L smart key system

Optimized Shenbao D50 smart key system

Optimized Hyosow S6 smart key system


Optimized Kadjar Dflash reading


Optimized North Star TTE IMMO system ECU programming


Optimized Excelle GT/XT 2017- (without smart)

Optimized Excelle GX 2018- (with smart)

Optimized GL6 with smart and without smart

Optimized GL8 2017- 2.0T (with smart)

Optimized GL8 2017- 2.0T remote programming algorithm (with smart)

Optimized Cadillac XTS 2013-2015 all keys lost

Increased Cadillac XTS 2017- type 2 menu


Optimized Roewe I5 IMMO system (with smart)

Optimized MG6 smart key system key adding

Optimized Roewe ERX5 IMMO system key programming (with smart)

Optimized MG ZS smart key system key adding and key quantity

Optimized Roewe 750 (new) IMMO system

Optimized Roewe I6 smart key system clear key


Increased Peugeot 308 IMMO system type 1and type 2

Increased Peugeot 3008 smart key system

Increased Peugeot 408 T7/T9 IMMO system

Increased Citroen BERLINGO IMMO system type 2

Increased Citroen C3-XR smart key system (Asia)

Increased Citroen C4L IMMO system

Increased Citroen C6 smart key system

Optimized the menu and index ID

Optimized 2018 Citroen DS5 smart key system programming procedure

Optimized Peugeot 4008 (Diesel Version) key programming menu


Optimized CAS1/CAS2/CAS3 menu

Optimize CAS3 upgrade and programming procedure

Optimized FEM/BDC disabled key function

Increased CAS3 writing start and CAS1/CAS2/CAS3 unlock key function

Increased the tailgate open function

Increased 3series N46B20E engine ISN reading


Optimized 2015 Korando remote adding communication breakdown

Optimized remote system type 3 programming


Optimized Pajero /Pajero Sport -2010 IMMO system type 1


Optimized CS75 smart key system

Increased CS75 Plus smart key system

Increased CS55 Plus smart key system

Increased CS75 (One Million Version) remote system

Increased CS85 Coupe smart key system

Increased new CS95 smart key system

Increased S202(UNI) smart key system

Increased Kaicheng remote system


Increased T33 smart key system

Increased B50 smart key system

Increased B50_2015- IMMO system


Optimized CS10 IMMO system (CAN)


Increased New RC-6 Cross smart key system

Increased New RC-6 Cross IMMO system

Increased New RM-5 IMMO system

Increased New RS-3 smart key system

Increased New RS-3 IMMO system

Increased New RS-5 smart key system

Increased New RS- 5 IMMO system

Optimized 560 smart key system key adding

Optimized 560 IMMO system key adding


Increased 2020 Mustang proximity (USA)

Optimized Ranger _EUROPE_BLADE_2016- programming procedure

Optimized KA_BRAZIL_BLADE_2018- programming procedure

Optimized Focus_USA_BLADE_2014-2018_TYPE 1 programming procedure

Optimized Tourneo 2014- IMMO system

Optimized Kuga IMMO system

Optimized Kuga 2017-2018 smart key system

Optimized Focus Europe proximity 2011-2014

Optimized Focus 2014- IMMO system programming procedure

Optimized EcoSport 2018- IMMO system

Optimized Transit CONNECT_EUROPE_BLADE_2019- menu

Increased Mercury:

Increased Cougar 1999-2002 blade

Increased Crand Marquis 2005-2011/2003-2004/1998-2002 blade

Increased Marauder 2003-2005 blade

Increased Mariner 2008-2012/2005-2007 blade

Increased Milan 2010-/2006-2009 blade

Increased Montego 2007/2005-2007 blade

Increased Monterey 2006-2007/2004-2007 blade

Increased Mountaineer 2010/2006-2009/2004-2005/2001-2003/1998-2001 blade

Increased Mystique 1998-2000/1996-1998 blade

Increased Sable 2008-2009/2004-2007/2000-2003/1998-1999/1996-1997 blade


Increased D60 BCM

Increased D60 smart key system

Increased EV30 BCM

Increased EG50 BCM

Increased Extender BCM

Increased EG50 smart key system

Increased Extender smart key system

Increased G20 BCM

Increased G20 smart key system

Increased V90 BCM

Increased V90 smart key system

Land Rover 

Optimized 2014 Evoque all keys lost

Optimized 2013 Evoque key programming procedure

Optimized 2009 Freelander 2 key programming

Optimized 2012 Range Rover key programming


Optimized XJ 2013 smart key system

Optimized XF 2013- smart key system


Increased iEV7S/iEV7T/iEV6ES smart key system

Optimized Refine M3 IMMO system(8-digit Pincode) key adding

Optimized Refine M5/S5 smart key system

Optimized Heyue A30 smart key system


Optimized Tribute 2005-2008 IMMO system

Optimized 6 type 1 with smart


Optimized 2011 Avante smart key

Optimized smart key system

Optimized 46 smart card OBD Pincode reading

Dongfeng Fengxing

Optimized T5L BCM key programming 

Optimized SX6 IMMO system


Optimized Alivio IMMO system key programming procedure

Optimized 2012 SX-4 type 1 key programming