Motorcycle/E-Moto Upgrade Announcement of September 2022
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
E-MOTO DiagNIUV30.011.Highlights Added
Add remove speed limit, restore speed limit, remove the instrument speed limit, restore the instrument speed limit, dismiss the overspeed alarm, recover the overspeed alarm.
Motorcycle DiagCFMOTOV30.321.Details Added
Add Old Vehicle ENG(MSE8.0) system diagnosis.
Motorcycle DiagCNENGV30.121.Details Added
Add CNENG UAES MSE8.0 system diagnosis.
Motorcycle DiagDAYANGV30.141.Details Added
Add ENG(MSE8.0) system diagnosis.
Motorcycle DiagDUCATIV30.471.Highlights Added
Add BBS/Meter/Code and reset system Odometer writing (totalizer) for below models:

Diavel EU3 2015-;

Add Meter system Odometer writing (totalizer) for below models:

Monster 1200 EU3 2014-2016;

Add BBS system Odometer writing (totalizer) for below models:

Monster 821 EU3 2014-;

Add Service system (Service Lamp Reset) Annual service warning light deactivation for below models:
Panigale V2 2020.

2.Details Optimized
Optimized software.
Motorcycle DiagHAOJIANGV30.111.Details Added
Add ENG(MSE8.0) system diagnosis;
Add ENG(BOSCH MSE6.0 CAN) system diagnosis.
Motorcycle DiagKYMCOV30.111.Details Added
Add fault codes help information.
Motorcycle DiagQJMOTORV30.091.Details Added
Add FeiNuoi.series QJ125T-2C ENG(MSE8.0) system diagnosis;
Add FeiNuoi.series QJ150T-27E ENG(MSE8.0)/ ABS(BOSCH) system diagnosis.
Motorcycle IMMO

1.Details Optimized
Optimized HARLEY-DAVIDSON software.
Motorcycle Odometer RecalibrationBRPV30.011.Highlights Added(First Released)
Add BRP CAN_AM DASHBOARD 70F3554 2019 odometer recalibration.

2.Details Optimized
Optimized software.
Motorcycle Odometer RecalibrationDUCATIV30.00

1.Highlights Added(First Released)

Add mileage modification, one-click repair;

Add odometer recalibration by OBD for below models:
Monster 821 EU4
Scrambler 1100
Scrambler 800 EU4.

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