Cluster Calibration
Cluster Calibration Upgrade Announcement of March 2021
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
Cluster CalibrationFORDV30.941.Details Optimized: 
Optimized Ford Taurus 2015-Color Double Screen Odometer Calibration procedure;
Optimized Menu;
Cluster CalibrationNISSANV30.841.Details Optimized: 
Optimized Nissan Teana 2019 Odometer Calibration Procedure;
Cluster CalibrationRENAULTV30.901.Details Optimized: 
Optimized Menu;
Cluster CalibrationOPELV30.871.Details Optimized: 
Optimized OPEL ASTRA D 2017-Odometer Calibration Function;
Cluster CalibrationAUDI/SEAT/SKODA/VWV32.111.Details Optimized:
Optimized Audi A6L 2012-Adjust Meter time sequence;
Optimized Meter Automatic identify function;
Optimized Audi A8L 2003-2006 software;
Cluster CalibrationJAGUARV31.021.Details Added:  
Add JAGUAR XE Serial 2018 Cluster Calibration;
Cluster CalibrationFERRARIV31.191.Details Optimized:
Optimized FERRARI 458 SPECIAL 2014-Car Models Cluster Calibration Procedure;
Cluster CalibrationPEUGEOT/CITROENV31.251.Details Optimized:
Optimized Algorithm of BSI KEX Cluster Calibration;
Cluster CalibrationAUDI/SEAT/SKODA/VWV32.121.Details Optimized:
Optimized VW Sagitar 2007-2010 System Entering Procedure.
Cluster CalibrationHYUNDAI/KIAV31.081.Details Optimized:
Optimized KIA K5 Mileages Reading.