IMMO Upgrade Announcement of March 2021
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
IMMOCHRYSLERV33.221.Details Added:
IMMO Replacement Function;
IMMOBAICV30.721.Details Optimized:   
Optimized Baic SENOVA D50_Smart Key programming procedure;
Optimized Baic HYOSOW S2/S3_Blade Key programming procedure;
IMMOTRUMPCHIV30.331.Details Optimized:  
Optimized TRUMPCHI GS5(Super) blade key programming procedure
IMMOCHRYSLERV33.261.Details Added: 
Add 2021 RAM proximity programming,  No need pin code;
Add 2011-2021 CARAVAN FOBIK programming, No need pin code;
2.Details Optimized: 
Optimized JOURNEY Smart Key 2011-2017 Key programming procedure;
IMMOHNMAZDAV30.671.Details Optimized:          
Optimized HNMAZDA software;
2.Details Added: 
Add Family_Blade Key_Power on-IMMO and Steelmate's Car Body System;
Add Family_HUF-Proximity System;
Add Haima E3_Fuxin Dare's Proximity System;
Add Tengda M11_Bladel Key_TTE Car Body System.
IMMOMAXUSV30.421.Details Optimized: 
Optimized Maxus G50 Proximity_Maximum Number of keys Setting;
IMMOMITSUBISHIV30.801.Details Optimized:
Optimizede ECLIPSE CROSS_Mechanical Key_2018-Key programming Procedure;
IMMOALFAROMEOV32.591.Details Added: 
Add Manual Select Model_Program Keys_STELVIO_2019-_PROXIMITY;
IMMODFFGV30.311.Details Optimized:
Optimized DFFG_370_IMMO_Remote programming software;
2.Details Added:
Add DFFG 500 Smart Key System;
Add DFFG 500 IMMO System;
IMMOCHERYV30.671.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHERY K60 Proximity System;
IMMOMAXUSV30.431.Details Optimized:
Optimized MAXUS G50 Smart Key_Maximum Number of keys Setting;
Optimized MAXUS G50 Smart Key_adding Keys;
IMMOALFAROMEOV32.601.Details Optimized:
Optimized FCA Position Pic of Manual Select Model_Program Keys_STELVIO_2019-_PROXIMITY;
Optimized multiple languanges;
IMMOHONDAV31.461.Details Optimized:
Optimized corresponding files and simulate data;
Optimized Honda_manual selection_Blade Key_Type 1(3 generation)_Key match French prompt statement;
Optimized Honda_manual selection_Blade Key_Type 1,2 function Menu;
Optimized Auto identify_Button Type_Proximity Key All Key Lost Process;
Optimized Honda Auto Identification System and Manual selection System Menu;
Optimized Honda_Auto Identification System_Proximity Key_Knob Type_Key Match_prompt statement Programming Procedure;
Optimized Honda_Auto Identification System_Blade Key(3 generation);
IMMOCHRYSLERV33.271.Details Added:
Add H5 US Low and High Configuration;
IMMOMITSUBISHIV30.811.Details Optimized: 
Optimized Others_ECLIPSE CROSS_Blade Key_2018-Remote Control Match Procedure;
Optimized China-Outlander _With 2013 Proximity Key Match Procedure;
Optimized ECLIPSE CROSS_Proximity Key_2018-Key Match Procedure;
2.Details Added: 
Add help(MITSUBISHI Anti-theft Pincode);
IMMODAEWOOV30.181.Details Optimized: 
IMMOMAHINDRAV30.001.Details Added:
Add EDC17C55 Type ECU Flash Programming;
Add EDC17C63 Type ECU Flash Programming;
Add EDC16C39 Type ECU Flash Programming;
IMMOSUZUKI/MARUTIV30.711.Details Optimized:
Optimized WAGON-R_BLADE_EUROPE_-2007_Type 3(KWP).