Cluster Calibration
Cluster Calibration Upgrade Announcement of June 2020
Release time:
FunctionBrandSoftware VersionDetails
Cluster CalibrationALFA ROMEOV30.121.Details Added:
Add ALFA MITO cluster calibration.
Cluster CalibrationBENZV10.001.Details Added:
Add help info.
Cluster CalibrationCHRYSLERV30.471.Details Added:
Add tips of FCA converter for cars after 2018.
Cluster CalibrationHYUNDA/KIAV30.991.Details Optimized:                                       
Optimized HYUNDA/KIA software.
Cluster CalibrationMASERATI V30.081.Details Added:
Add MASERATI QUATTROPORTE 2005-2006 cluster calibration.
Cluster CalibrationPSAV31.181.Details Optimized:                                       
Optimized PSA software.
Cluster CalibrationRENAULTV30.861.Details Added:
Add ESCAPE V DASH(VISTEON),ABS cluster calibration function;
Add KADJAR DASH(VISTEON),ABS cluster calibration function;
Add MEGANE IV DASH(VISTEON),ABS cluster calibration function;
Add SCENIC IV DASH(VISTEON),ABS cluster calibration function.

2.Details Optimized:                                       
Optimized RENAULT software.